Summer Sizzles with Imajin Books Events Are Over

We hope you had a wonderful summer and that you enjoyed our three major summer events: the ebook sale, the reviewer giveaway and the exciting scavenger hunt.

Congratulations to all the winners in our draws, and to Tammy, winner of the $130 Mystery Prize/Amazon Gift Card, and to Barbara, winner of the Kindle grand prize in the Scavenger Hunt.

Jade, a book lover who participated in our events says: "The Scavenger Hunt was perfect! Lots of great sites...still many I have yet to get to but I look forward to doing so! Fun new places to explore and lots of new (to me) authors to look for! Keep up the good work!"

We'd love to hear from YOU. Please tell us which events you participated in. Which was your favorite event and why? Should we do this again?

Summer Reviewer Giveaway - July 1-August 31

This July & August, we hope you'll join us for our Summer Reviewer Giveaway. No, we aren't giving away reviewers (though I'm sure some authors would LOVE to have their very own). We're rewarding reviewers!

We think reviewers are special. They take the time to read our books and then post their thoughts about our titles on blogs, websites, Facebook pages, Goodreads, LibraryThing, Shelfari etc. And it's time they get some real appreciation. So we're giving away ebooks to reviewers.

And our reviewers will be entered in a draw for a Mystery Prize worth at least $120.

Here's how it works:
  • Borrow an Imajin Books title (ebook or paperback) from a friend or lending site, or buy from your favourite retailer. 
  • Then post a review on Amazon, B&N or Goodreads. Only reviews posted between July 1, 2011 and August 31, 2011 qualify.
  • Email us with the links to your reviews.
  • You'll receive 1 free ebook of your choice (from our titles). No obligation to review your ebook prize.
  • 1 Mystery Prize valued at $120 (minimum) will be given away to one lucky winner.
  • Anyone, anywhere, 18+, can enter this giveaway. Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary. No cash value.
  • Imajin Books authors, their families and any subcontracted associates of Imajin Books are excluded from this contest.
  • All prizes will be awarded after September 1st and before September 3rd. The Mystery Prize may take up to 4 weeks to be received.

Our 'Summer Sizzles with Imajin Books' event begins July 1st

The countdown is on. In 4 days, our huge summer event will begin and we'll be rewarding readers and book reviewers. This is our way to say "Thank you" for reading our books.

Great things come in threes! So we have 3 ways you can help us celebrate:

1. July 1-31 -  Summer eBook Sale: our books (via Amazon and Smashwords) will all be priced between $0.99 and $2.99US.
2. July 1-August 31 - Summer Reviewer Giveaway: reviewers can receive free ebooks.
3. August 1-31 - Summer Sizzler Scavenger Hunt - win free ebooks and a chance to win a KINDLE ereader with wi-fi. (Other prizes may be added. We're hoping to also give away a Kobo Touch ereader.)

We hope you join us because 'Summer Sizzles with Imajin Books'.