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The future of reading is ebooks, and the future is NOW!

Imajin (pronounced just like 'imagine') Books* is an innovative, independent Canadian publisher of quality fiction in ebook and trade paperback editions. You'll find our books at Amazon, KoboBooks, Smashwords, Walmart and other ebook and print retailers. Our trade paperbacks are distributed through Ingram Content Group and Lightning Source. We're environmentally conscious, so we do not do large print runs but use on-demand technology. 

Imajin Books will provide you with countless hours of entertainment in various ebook formats and select trade paperbacks. You'll love our books!


The history of Imajin Books: 

Imajin Books® was created by international bestselling author Cheryl Kaye Tardif in 2005, as a subsidiary of Imajin Creations, the company name for all her writing, design and marketing endeavors. Cheryl created Imajin Books when she decided to self-publish some of her titles as trade paperbacks, titles that have gone on to be bestselling novels. In early 2011 she opened her company to accept works by other authors.

Cheryl's work background consists of marketing, sales, advertising, telemarketing, fundraising and motivational speaking for over 25 years. She has spoken at writers conferences in Canada and the US on various topics regarding book marketing. Many in the industry consider her to be skilled and knowledgeable. She is also traditionally published by a US and German publishing company.

2019 Update from Cheryl:

Due to health issues and an overall decline in book sales, I’ve had to make some tough decisions—and one of them is letting go of publishing other authors’ works. It is time for me to focus on my own goals and dreams, while I still can. This hasn’t been an easy decision as most of the authors I’ve published have become great friends. But I am excited for them as they branch out on their own, many into the exciting world of self-publishing. I feel like a mama bird watching her babies take their first flights.

"Dare to Dream...and Dream BIG!"  

* * *

IMAJIN BOOKS® is based in West Kelowna, BC, (previously Edmonton, AB), and is NOT the same company as ImaJinn Books in the US.