The origins of Imajin Books are revealed at The Gift Blog

If you ever wanted to know why someone would start up a new publishing company when so many others have closed their doors or gone bankrupt, check out the post over at The Gift Blog:

Book, Books, WONDERFUL Books: Spotlight on A Phenomenal NEW Publisher - IMAJIN BOOKS

Cheryl Tardif from Imajin Books talks about e-publishing in a WOW--Women on Writing article

A little while ago I was interviewed by Chynna Laird for an article that is now on WOW--Women on Writing. The article is titled Getting the Skinny on e-Publishing: Top e-Publishers Tell Us What You Need to Know.

In this article a small group of publishers share our thoughts on the new age of publishing.

Read Getting the Skinny on e-Publishing.

Imajin Books raises print royalties for authors

After some careful consideration and discussion about the goals of Imajin Books, we’re about to do something that most publishers would never do—raise print royalties for our authors.

Since one of our goals is to be the publisher that pays authors above standard royalties, we’ve decided to change the more standard offer of 20% of collected sales (royalty totals collected from retailers/distributors) to 30%.

Why? Because we want to be anything but standard.