Meet Jason Anderson from SPACE HIVE

Meet Jason Anderson from SPACEHIVE
Jason Anderson is a red-headed 12-year-old boy with a big heart and a keen mind. Jason likes music, science and his neighbor's dog Freedom. His father is a biochemist. His mother is a stay-at-home librarian who wears Betty Boop aprons.

A baby brother is born in an underground bunker while Jason and his Indian friend Aadab Ali join forces on the plains of India to defeat the dreadful alien General Vard and his Wasps.

Jason becomes a teen while held prisoner in the alien ship SpaceHive. The music stored on his Personal Audio Device (PAD) incites the alien Bees to revolt against the General and the Black Watch. Jason likes new instruments like the ZitherCom and he loves to play Guitar Mozart. His mother's choice of Brahms Symphony No. 3, though, is the deciding factor which calms the Apian Way.

Jason's friendship with three worker Bees arises from the strains of Poco Allegretto and not the Three Black Skulls of Jason's generation.

Jason's long red hair, green eyes, young age, and slim stature make him less than a heroic figure to Aadab Ali, who at first is delighted to find an "American" freedom fighter with "reinforcements" who will help win the Battle of India. Aadab soon finds out that Jason is alone and frightened, captive in the SpaceHive with only a ZipPAD, music, and his father's potions to overcome General Vard and the Wasps.

Aadab also finds out the difference between Canadians and Americans! No doubt about it, Jason Anderson and his family are proudly Canadian.

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Kenna McKinnon is a freelance writer/photographer who lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The YA/MG sci-fi book SPACEHIVE is her debut novel.