Meet Heckel from HECKEL CASEY

Meet Heckel from HECKEL CASEY
From TV station: KSTORY
The following is the transcript from our recent interview with Heckel Casey, hero.

Interviewer:  Good morning and welcome to The Protagonist, our weekly show devoted to exploring your favorite lead characters. Today we are excited to talk with Heckel Casey, the hero who saved our world from the worst attack of evil ever. Welcome, Heckel. So how are you doing?
Heckel: I’m feeling great, and thank you for inviting me here.
Interviewer: That was some journey you undertook, both literally and figuratively. What was it like?
Heckel: It was tough at times, but I had some really great people joining me along the way.
Interviewer:  That’s an understatement. Now is it true that you had a furry friend as well helping you?
Heckel: Yes, that would be my favorite feline, Jerky. She was a great companion, not to mention an awesome hunter. She found us several tasty rabbits.
Interviewer: I know our viewers have heard about your confrontation with the evil that nearly decimated humanity. What was the person’s name?
Heckel: (noticeably uncomfortable, shifts in his seat) Madeline. Madeline Blackwell.
Interviewer: Can you tell us more about her? Where did she come from?
Heckel: Actually, well … um… I believe there is a wonderful account detailing my whole journey and the ultimate showdown with Madeline.
Interviewer: Yes, there is.  The author’s name is James Hoch. The book, aptly titled HECKEL CASEY, is available for all to follow your harrowing exploits. I understand it’s a real page-turner. The reviews have been excellent. One reviewer stated and I quote, “Your book needs to be read by our entire world. It made me laugh, shudder, and cry.”
Heckel: Yes, Mr. Hoch did a great job. It was a pleasure to work with him.
Interviewer: Before you leave, is there anything else you’d like to say to our viewers?
Heckel: Oh boy. I guess as one person summed it up it’s all about hope.  We can never lose it.
Interviewer: Thank you Heckel Casey.  All the best to you. And viewers if you’d like to get your copy of HECKEL CASEY, it’s available in Kindle and paperback editions at Amazon. Here’s a link:

And if you’d like more information about author James Hoch, go to his web site: or visit him at or  You can find his books on Fictionwise, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. His blogs are located at: