Featured Author: Kat Flannery

Our next author up is KAT FLANNERY, author of the wild, adventurous western romance, CHASING CLOVERS...

What inspired me to write CHASING CLOVERS?

History has always fascinated me, but I am especially fond of cowboys. This could be from my parents over indulged love of John Wayne westerns. Family movie night often consisted of similar choices, Big Jake or True Grit. It wasn’t so much the gun fights and the Indian raids that intrigued me, but the characters these films were created around.

I’ve always loved to write, but as I grew older the need to scribe intensified. It wasn’t just a way to express my emotions but more of a need to expel the voices and ideas in my head. Stories would run across my mind while at work, or playing with my children. My thirst for writing wasn’t satisfied until I put pen to paper and wrote the scenes that had taken refuge in my mind.

The idea for Chasing Clovers didn’t come to me right away. Snippets of scenes and dialogue had begun to surface, but nothing that I could create a story with. I wanted to write a novel that would touch people’s lives.

My Grandmother lost two children a month a part in the 50’s and I often wondered how she made it through each day without crumbling. How she had more children? And how she learned to smile again? This is how my protagonist, Livy Green was born. I took the scenario of losing a child, turned the year back to 1884 and placed her inside a saloon. Then I began researching mail order brides. What would make a woman marry a man she’s never met before? One word popped into my head...desperation. As I wrote, Livy became a part of me, and I needed to tell her story. I needed to take my readers on this journey of pain, loss, and turmoil, but also one of redemption, as, John Taylor and Livy Green learn to overcome their hardships. And renew their faith, love, and happiness in their tale of Chasing Clovers.

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Kat Flannery has had her writing published in numerous periodicals. She’s received her diploma for Creative, Freelance, and Business Writing. She is co-owner of Prairie Dog Publishing, where she devotes her spare time as head of Marketing and Communications. CHASING CLOVERS is Kat’s first published novel, and she is currently hard at work on her next. Visit www.katflannery-author.com and www.kat-scratch.blogspot.com, and connect with Kat on Facebook and Twitter.