Press release: Imajin Books - An Innovative Publisher of 'Quality Fiction'

EDMONTON, AB, May 12, 2011 - In February 2011, an innovative, unique Canadian publisher with an eye on exciting, ever-changing trends and opportunities in publishing, opened its 'doors' to authors worldwide. Owned by bestselling suspense author Cheryl Kaye Tardif, Imajin Books has been in business since 2005, publishing only the author's books up. But now it has a list of debut and established authors who are about to release some sensational reads starting this May.

"Other writers asked me if I'd consider publishing their works and I always said no," Tardif says. "But just over a year ago, I researched the possibilities. With the number of publishing companies that have closed their doors or amalgamated their imprints under one roof, it's a bit risky to start a new publishing venture. But I am a risk taker and I knew I could make this work."

Tardif's goals were simple: fulfill a need and publish what was selling. This led her to do something few publishers are doing―offer ebook contracts as a primary right and paperback contracts as a subsidiary right. This is backwards from the antiquated system that has been in place for decades.

"Ebooks are where the money is," Tardif states. "Print sales have decreased and ebook sales have increased to the point of outselling print. As ereaders come down in price, which has recently been seen with the $114 Kindle with wi-fi offer, more readers will be tempted to test one out. And once they do, they'll be hooked. We want to provide readers with affordable, stimulating, unique books that they can't put down."

Imajin Books promises great reads by wonderful authors, with ebooks priced under $5 and trade paperbacks under $16. Throughout the year, various ebooks will be on sale for even less, some even priced at $0.99. You can also expect contests and other specials, like ebook bundles.

Imajin Books promises its authors a unique experience in publishing, where authors don't take a back seat as with most traditional-type publishers. Authors published with Imajin Books will have more say in the content of their book, their book titles, the creation of book covers and trailers. "We treat our authors like the partners they are," Tardif says. "We respect their creative intelligence and want them to be happy and proud of their book."

Debut novelist Alison Bruce is awaiting the May release of her western romance, Under a Texas Star. "Working with Imajin is going to spoil me," Bruce says. "I'll be expecting personal attention, excellent work and sound advice from everyone. The creative, editorial and marketing skills I've found at Imajin have made the launch of my first novel a joy."

Awaiting the June release of her debut romantic fantasy, Rowena Through the Wall, author Melodie Campbell says, "What makes Imajin outstanding is the personal attention they give to the author and project every step of the way. This is evident in the care they take to solicit author input…The marketing people at Imajin are first rate…And the best part―the people are so darn nice, I want them as friends."

Other than Cheryl Kaye Tardif, who has a reputation as a skilled book marketer, Imajin Books has brought in a number of freelance professionals, including book cover designers, editors, a book video designer, a production manager, and a research and marketing assistant.

Jennifer Johnson, from Sapphire Designs, is the senior book cover designer for Imajin Books. "Working with Imajin Books has been a dream come true for me. It has allowed me to fulfil one of my biggest dreams in being a cover artist and for that I can't thank them enough. The people at Imajin Books are a true pleasure to work with in every way; I can't say enough good things about them!"

Canadian fantasy author and book video designer, Kelly Komm, has this to say: "Imajin Books puts out excellent novels and the same can be said for their authors. They are always eager to work with me toward a common goal: creating an effective, intriguing, and entertaining book trailer."

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Writers interested in querying Imajin Books should check the submission guidelines at Submissions are currently open until June 30, 2011.