We are OPEN for submissions AFTER September 15, 2011

Please follow these submission guidelines carefully and check here for updated guidelines when submitting new manuscripts. Do NOT query us if you are not interested in giving us your ebook rights for a period of 5 years minimum. Paperback editions are optional and discussed with authors who prove successful with marketing their ebooks. Do not query us if you are NOT already set up on Twitter, Facebook and a blog, and using them regularly--even if you don't have a book published. Do NOT query us if you aren't willing to promote your book online.

Authors who have published at least 1 novel.

1. Young Adult Adventure/Suspense/Paranormal
2. Mystery/Suspense
3. Vampire (with a unique hook)/Paranormal
4. Horror

Please do not send us anything other than these genres at this time. Thank you.

Submission guidelines:

1. We accept email submissions only; please address emails/queries to Cheryl Tardif.
2. Your query should include a brief bio, writing background and publishing history. It should also clearly state the genre of your novel, the word count, pen name if used. List the social networks you're on and links to blog and/or website. Tell us about your novel in three sentences. Hook us! But keep the email portion short--one page if printed.
3. We accept manuscripts from 50,000 words to 150,000 words.
4. We accept Microsoft Word documents 2003-2007 and PDF files only.
5. Send us a query email and attach a sample of the first 5 chapters, along with a 5 paragraph synopsis attachment that reads like back cover text.
6. Please allow 4 weeks before sending us a second email or reminder.
7. Multiple submissions are fine -- until we offer you a contract.
8. We DO accept previously published or self-published works as long as you can prove you now hold the rights and have a letter of rights reversion from your past publisher.
9. If you don't have an agent, that is fine with us. We prefer not dealing with agents as our contract is simple, fair and not usually negotiable.
10. NO GRAPHIC SEXUALITY SCENES, INCEST SCENES OR RAPE SCENES. "Romance sex" is acceptable; alluding to abuse is fine; rape scenes not graphically described may be fine if it adds to the story. WE DO NOT PUBLISH EROTICA or LGBT.
11. If we have taken the time to give you any feedback on a work and then invite you to send us something new, make sure you take the time to address those same concerns within the new work. We all have bad writing habits.

Formatting guidelines:

1. Send samples SINGLE spaced only, preferably a MS Word doc.
2. Do not use tabs. Use settings under Paragraph formatting to indent paragraphs.
3. Times or Times New Roman fonts only, including title. Don't switch fonts.
4. Use italics where necessary and bold for title, author and chapter headings; no old school formatting with these please.
5. Use 1-2 line spaces for scene breaks.
6. Do not add spaces after paragraphs.
7. Do not use strange symbols or uncommon formatting or punctuation. Double quotations for dialogue.
8. No graphics. We do not normally publish books with illustrations.

What are we looking for?

1. Quality, professional writing.
2. A novel that has seen solid editing (by you and at least 2 others, such as fellow writers, friends, English teachers etc). If your book needs rewriting and a lot of substantive editing, it won't pass our vetting system. Yes, we do have our own editors and yes, they do edit the books we accept. Just don't send us sloppy work. If you want to be published and read, be professional and send us your BEST work.
3. Unique plots, voices, characters, concepts and situations.
4. Passion in the writing and in the author's efforts to promote him/her work/self.
5. Internet savvy writers. If you have a website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Goodreads, Shelfari accounts, you'll move to the top half of submissions. If you use these networks regularly, you'll move to the head of the line. We expect our authors to use Twitter, Facebook and a blog, at the very least.
6. If you know Cheryl Tardif from a social network, you'll move to the top of the TBR pile. If you don't know me, get to know me. You know what they say: it's not what you know; it's WHO you know. :-)

Email queries to