About Us

Welcome to Imajin Books!
The future of reading is ebooks, and the future is NOW!

Imajin (pronounced just like 'imagine') Books* is an innovative publisher of quality fiction in ebook and trade paperback editions. You'll find our books at Amazon, KoboBooks, Smashwords and other ebook and print retailers.

We are a small, independent Canadian publisher and we operate as a traditional publisher in some ways (yet we're anything but "traditional"), offering small advances and above standard royalties. We are NOT a subsidy publisher and we do not charge upfront fees to our authors. See our submission guidelines.

We are an electronic publisher (ebooks) and a print publisher (via Createspace), and we offer solutions to authors looking for publication who do not want to self-publish. Our trade paperbacks are distributed through Ingram Content Group and Lightning Source. We're environmentally conscious, so we do not do large print runs but use on-demand technology.

Our authors will have input regarding their book title, cover design and book videos, and will be considered part of our team. As the publisher, we will creatively market your books online with passion and dedication, and we expect the same in return from our authors.

To book lovers, libraries and retailers:
Imajin Books will provide you with countless hours of entertainment in various ebook formats and select trade paperbacks. You'll love our books!

Some of the advantages of being published by Imajin Books: 

1. We pay higher than average ebook royalties - 50% of collected sales.
2. We don't lock you into a never-ending contract. We ask for 5 years to get your book off the ground and running at breakneck speed. After that, it's up to you if you want to stay with us, but we hope you do.
3. We don't believe in "rights grabs". We don't want all your rights. Sorry. We want you to have choices in your career. So we first ask for ebook rights. Later, we may ask for paperback rights. It will be up to you.
4. We offer writers a new choice in publishing. We operate as a traditional publisher, paying a small advance and royalties, and we allow our authors to have a bit more control in the total package design of their books, including input into the book cover and title. We'll actually listen to you.
5. We WILL publish previously published works (backlist titles), providing the author has had all rights revert back to them--in writing. We'll also consider a title that is already out in paperback, but not out in ebook edition, providing the author still has electronic rights.


The history of Imajin Books:

Imajin Books was created by bestselling author Cheryl Kaye Tardif around 2005, as a subsidiary of Imajin Creations, the company name for all her writing, design and marketing endeavors. Cheryl created Imajin Books when she decided to self-publish some of her titles as trade paperbacks, titles that have gone on to be bestselling novels.

Cheryl's work background consists of marketing, sales, advertising, telemarketing, fundraising and motivational speaking for over 25 years. She has spoken at writers conferences in Canada and the US on various topics regarding book marketing. Many in the industry consider her to be skilled and knowledgeable.

She is also well connected to various experts in the book industry, and she draws on these resources while operating Imajin Books. Authors published by Imajin Books will benefit from Cheryl's skills as a "shameless promoter" and book marketing coach.

* * *
From Cheryl:

Over the past couple of years, writers have approached me and asked me if I'd consider publishing them under my publishing company and until now I'd always said, "Sorry but no." Recently, I changed my mind. I realize now that I can fulfill a need.

By publishing other authors' works via Imajin Books, I'll give my authors an opportunity they've been dreaming of and hoping for, as well as share what I've learned along my journey. If your book is accepted, be assured that you will get the attention to detail that I give my own books.

"Dare to Dream...and Dream BIG!"


* * *
Imajin Books is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and is not the same company as ImaJinn Books, based in the US.

Email: imajinbooks@shaw.ca