Ebooks for Nook, Kobo, Sony, Apple ereaders and more

Did you get a Kobo, Nook, Sony or other kind of ereader from Santa this year? If so, we've got some books for you!

All of our ebooks are available for the Kindle ereader via Amazon, and due to a special exclusive deal we have with Amazon, some of our titles are not available at this time for other ereaders.

But we do have some ebooks especially for Nook, Kobo and other ereaders.

First, check out IMAJIN THIS!, our special chapter sample book that features our 2011 and older titles, with a sneak peak of each. You can download this book free from Smashwords, in multiple file formats for any ereader. Or you can buy it for $0.99 from Amazon (we're waiting for them to match the free price.)

Looking for a political thriller with heart and meaning? Check out C. Robert Lee's THE OTHER FACE OF GOD.

Sometimes faith is found in the eyes of a child…

In 1968 Father Doug Ryan, an angst-driven Los Angeles priest, is sent to Peru to investigate a padre accused of using mission funds to buy guns for Communist guerrillas. 

Here's the perfect book for horror fans - SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET & OTHER CREEPY STORIES by Cheryl Kaye Tardif. 

Thirteen creepy stories take you from one hold-your-breath chapter to the next.

Enter the closet…

In this dark, suspenseful and somewhat comical look at one man's desires, REMOTE CONTROL by international bestselling author Cheryl Kaye Tardif delivers a strong message: Be careful what you wish for! 

(This story is also featured in the anthology above.)

Need more chills and thrills? Check out WHAT FEARS BECOME: An Anthology from The Horror Zine, featuring international bestselling authors and newcomers to the horror genre.

From classic horror and pure suspense to Twilight-Zone-style dark fantasy, WHAT FEARS BECOME relentlessly explores our basic fears and leaves you with twisted endings that will make your skin crawl…

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