Deadly Legacy by Alison Bruce FREE November 1-3

Deadly Legacy by Alison Bruce

Even in the future, the past can kill you...
In 2018, rookie detective Kate Garrett lives in the shadow of her near-legendary father Joe. When Joe dies unexpectedly, he leaves Kate half interest in Garrett Investigations, his last case that ties to three murders, a partner she can't stand and a legacy to live up to.
Jake Carmedy has lost a partner, mentor and friend, but grief will come later. First, he has a case to solve, one that has detoured from a simple insurance case to a murder investigation. If that isn’t enough, Joe’s daughter seems to want to take her father’s place as his boss.
No matter how hard they try, Carmedy and Garrett can't avoid each other—and they might be next on a killer's list. 
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Editorial Reviews:
“Bruce writes a novel, which grips your attention from the first page. There is romance, grief and a complex plot. It has grim crime scenes, the unexpected beauty found in the dark corners of a city, vividly realistic characters and an irreverent sense of humour. In other words, it's a treat for the senses. This is a great read. Alison Bruce's Kate Garrett is a wonderful, complex, intelligent and realistic character. Then Bruce surrounds Kate with other quirky personalities. As a result, the reader is along for the hunt while Kate tracks a poisonous predator.” —Garry Ryan, award-winning author of Malabarista
"Deadly Legacy is a compelling story of loss, deception, and finding one's place in a world where change is fast and unwelcome. Set in 2018, Alison Bruce has a created an intelligent plot in an intriguing environment. Her smooth writing style and fast-paced scenes immerse the reader into complicated lives filled with grudges. Best of all, Kate Garrett is a sensible professional blessed with a welcome mix of brains and heart, and she might have met her match in the handsome and uncertain Jake. The potential for a hot sizzling romance is there, and I can't wait for this duo to pair up for more crime solving adventures." —Debra Purdy Kong, author of Deadly Accusations
"Bruce has woven an ingenious plot, defty delivered through the eyes of the newest detection pairing—Carmedy and Garrett." —Alison Bruce, author of The Calling
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