Meet Pat Tierney from SAFE HARBOR

Meet Pat Tierney from SAFE HARBOR
Pat Tierney is 47-year-old financial advisor. She’s a smart cookie in many ways, but pretty darn clueless in others. She had no idea of her late husband Michael’s affair with Jude Seaton. And that he’d fathered Jude’s seven-year-old son.

Pat met Jude only once, the day before she died. Jude barged into Pat’s office and asked her to look after her son for a few days.

Pat was astounded. “I'm a financial planner, not a daycare worker."

"I didn't think you'd turn Tommy down," Jude said.

"Whatever made you think that?"

Then Jude told her Tommy was Michael’s son.

Pat was gobsmacked. She had no idea what Michael was up to that summer eight years before when she took their daughters to England. He was supposed to join them on the holiday, but he called to say he was too busy with work.

Jude pleaded with Pat to take the child, saying Tommy was in danger. Pat didn't believe her. She was not taking Tommy.

Jude simply walked out of the office. Left Pat with a seven-year-old boy, a backpack filled with his clothes and his booster car seat.

Pat took Tommy to his home, but nobody was there. She called Jude all evening, but Jude didn't answer the phone. The next day, the police contacted Pat—they'd found her voice mail messages on Jude’s line—and told her Jude had been murdered.

Tommy stayed with Pat for the next few days because the police thought it too risky for him to be with Jude's relatives. They said the killer might want him out of the way too.

It didn't take Tommy long to find a place in Pat’s heart. In spite of who his father was, maybe even because of it. And the boy was in danger. Well, Pat couldn't let anything bad happen to him, could she?

That’s how she found herself involved in a murder investigation.

SAFE HARBOR is available in Kindle and paperback editions at Amazon.

Rosemary McCracken is a journalist and fiction writer who lives in Toronto, Canada. SAFE HARBOR is her first published novel. Visit Rosemary’s website at And follow her on, and