Meet Emily Taylor of THE BRIDGEMAN

Meet Emily Taylor of The Bridgeman
When Emily was a young bride, she dreamed of an ordinary life with her husband and perhaps several children. Unfortunately, her dreams were not to be. Two tragedies befell Emily and Langford that almost cost them their lives and separated them for nearly twenty years. They became infamous. Even their friends turned on them.

The couple struggled through all of that. They climbed back out of the hole to find refuge in the perfect little town of Burchill.

Now in hiding, miles away from the scene of their heartbreak, their relationship is stronger than ever. Emily never takes Langford’s presence in her arms for granted. She does find keeping this weighty secret difficult. Emily used to be carefree, innocent, and open. Now she has baggage and barriers not of her own making. Emily regrets never having her own children, but as the elementary school Principal, she is surrounded by little people every day.

It seems, however, that Fate is not finished with Emily. When she walks down those basement stairs early one morning, she cannot believe the horror that awaits her. The sweet, friendly caretaker lies brutally murdered in the darkness of the deserted school.

Was Nathaniel really so innocent, though? His diary relates the story of two monsters engaged in unspeakable horrors within the blissfully unaware village. The accomplice has obviously ended the partnership with murder.

Despite the danger, Emily can’t help but get involved.  She can’t let the newshounds who’ve descended on Burchill know who her husband really is. Thus she walks into the turmoil once more. She becomes an amateur sleuth whose naivety translates into a blatant disregard for her own safety. Emily is in danger of being betrayed by someone she knows and trusts. The question is, who is the culprit?

The Bridgeman is Book One, available through Amazon.

There are four books in the Emily Taylor Mystery Series, published by Imajin Books. The Bridgeman, Victim, Legacy, and Seventh Fire. Visit Catherine at or on Facebook,, or on Twitter, @cathyastolfo.