Meet Kate Garrett from DEADLY LEGACY

Meet Kate Garrett from DEADLY LEGACY
Kate’s blood is true blue–as in the thin blue line. The first funeral she attended, as a child, was for her grandmother’s partner, killed on duty. The latest was for her father Joe Garrett.

Joe wasn’t the greatest husband, but he was a good father to Kate. He taught her how to observe and remember details about people and places. While other kids played “I Spy,” Kate played “I Detect.” When he was forced to retire after being shot, he also taught her some of the specialized skills of being a private investigator–like schmoozing client.

Though she loved theatre and excelled in psychology, Kate was destined for a career in policing. When she made detective before she turned thirty, Joe foresaw his daughter having a brilliant career as a police detective before eventually taking his place in Garrett Investigations.

It was in the bag.

And then Joe is in the bag–a body bag. Kate inherits half her father’s business. The other half goes to Joe’s partner Jake Carmedy, former Military Police officer.

From Kate’s point of view, Carmedy came between her and her father. It wasn’t just that he’s Joe’s new protégé. She can handle that. Carmedy is a jerk. She’s spent the last ten years, since first meeting him, trying to avoid him.

This isn’t an option any more. Like it or not, Carmedy is her partner. The question remains, for how long?

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Copywriter and editor since 1992, Alison Bruce has also been a comic book store manager, small press publisher and web designer. She currently manages publications for Crime Writers Canada and is the author of DEADLY LEGACY and UNDER A TEXAS STAR, both published by Imajin Books.