Meet Kat Flannery

“I write because I have to.”    - Adrian Meade.

For every writer their reasons for writing are different, but Adrian Meade and I have something in common. We write because we have to.

I write to fulfill a purpose.

I have an itch that never goes away, a yearning that fills my soul, and a passion for the words yet to come.  The moment I place fingers to keyboard, or pen to paper I feel released from the ties that bind me to a normal, everyday life. I relish in the ability to take myself to another world where love and evil exist, and I can decide that love conquers all.

I write because I have to.
I write to stop the constant whispers inside my head. To halt the flashes of scenes and dialogue that run across my mind. I write to stop the restlessness and agitation within my hands. I write so I can sleep at night.

I write to tell a story, to touch lives, and to take my readers on an emotional ride. One, I hope will leave them smiling in the end.
I write because it is a need, a constant thought, a push from behind. It is a part of who I am—it is in my bones, and my blood.
I write to live, because if I couldn’t I’d no longer breathe.

I write because I have to.