Meet Jeani Rector

Words have always conjured up pictures in Jeani Rector’s mind. From the exotic locations of H. Rider Haggard’s King Solomon’s Mines, to the social inequalities of S. E. Hinton’s The Outsiders, to the inner torments of Edgar Allen Poe’s work; all made lasting impressions since she read them as a child.

She knew that a story could transport the reader into realms outside the norm; if a story was especially well-written, it could absorb a person and create a compulsion to finish it. A well-written story holds the promise that the very next page could deliver the mystery the reader seeks, yet instead it continues to tantalize and withhold the prize until the very last page. A well-written story grabs the reader in a relentless grip until the end.

When Stephen King made his debut in the 1970s, Jeani was introduced to the excitement of horror and she devoured books in the genre. The horror she read was not evil or wicked, but instead it felt like riding a roller-coaster: a thrilling ride to be sure, but one could get off safely when the ride was over.

In the early years of the millennium, Jeani Rector began writing stories of her own and submitting them to horror magazines with some success. But when the economic crash of 2008 occurred, many horror magazines went out of business. When even the renowned online magazine The Harrow went on hiatus, Jeani realized that someone had to start a magazine to take the place of all those that were folding.

Who would be that someone? Why, she would.

Jeani Rector is the founder and editor of The Horror Zine and has had her stories featured in magazines such as Aphelion, Midnight Street, Strange Weird and Wonderful, Dark River Press, Macabre Cadaver, Ax Wound, Horrormasters, Morbid Outlook, Horror in Words, Black Petals, 63Channels, Death Head Grin, Hackwriters, Bewildering Stories, Ultraverse, and others.

And now Jeani has taken all the deliciously dark delights from The Horror Zine and placed them into the book titled WHAT FEARS BECOME, available on paperback and Kindle, and published by Imajin Books.

From horror masterminds Bentley Little, Ramsey Campbell, Graham Masterton, Joe R. Lansdale, Elizabeth Massie, Piers Anthony, Melanie Tem, Cheryl Kaye Tardif, Scott Nicholson, Conrad Williams, Simon Clark and a host of other respected authors, poets and artists comes WHAT FEARS BECOME, a terrifying collection of bone-chilling, nail-biting horror that is sure to keep you awake until all hours of the night.

“Each spine-tingling chiller takes the reader into the depths of eerie imaginations.” ― Fangoria

“This anthology is like a fearful breath from an ancient crypt; enter if you dare!” ― Midnight Street Magazine

“There’s nothing like a good scary story, except a lot of them, collected in an anthology from some of our top horror/suspense writers. So read one and be scared, or read a few and be good and scared, or read the whole book and lock all the doors and stay up all night listening to the house creak…They’re terrific.” ― William Martin, New York Times bestselling author of BACK BAY


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