Meet Eileen Schuh

 It was a dark and lonely time in my life when she came to me…a tiny girl on a ridge, lying on her belly, watching danger unfolding in the valley below. Listening.  Her anticipation was so intense it hurt my lungs. Grasped tightly in her fingers were autumn grasses. She was barely breathing. Afraid to move.

I saw her there each time I closed my eyes. She was waiting…

Each night, night after night, as I lay down to sleep, she came to me. Afraid. Excited. Alone. Always on her belly on an autumn ridge. Once I heard the distant squeal of sirens. Once the thump of an approaching helicopter reverberated through the ground beneath her chest.

There came a night when I could stand it no longer. I needed to know who she was. What she was doing on that ridge. What was happening in the valley below. I flicked on the lights and made my way to my laptop.  I had no one to meet in the morning, no one to care if I was up all night. There was no one but me in that tiny cabin in the forest, and it would only be me the next day…and the day after.

I snuggled down on the sofa, pulled an afghan around me, and began to write the young girl’s story.
Her name was Katrina. In the valley below, was The Traz biker gang compound. Speeding in from the highway was the tactical team. And off in the distance was a police chopper…

Katrina’s life unfolded, novel after novel after novel. And thus there came to be The BackTracker series.

THE TRAZ Book I also comes in a School Edition because that young girl had much to teach.

Book II FATAL ERROR soon to be released by Imajin Books.