Victim by Catherine Astolfo FREE June 6/7

Ancient evil comes in many forms…
School principal Emily Taylor is caught up in the inexplicable disappearances of two well-known woman and the violence linked to a disputed land claim.
When the legendary Walking Bear appears, she must also deal with the resurrection of an ancient legend and the terrified and unnerved villagers of the sleepy town of Burchill. 
Once again, Emily is drawn into the unknown and must battle her own secret demons and fears. Only then, can she can unravel these mysteries—before there is more bloodshed.

FREE Kindle edition - June 6/7
Editorial Reviews:
"A disappearance...a Native legend...a murder...a terrific read!" —Donna Carrick, author of The First Excellence
"Victim will linger in your mind long after you've closed the book…a gifted piece of writing." —The Hamilton Spectator
"An enjoyable, engaging read...original, sensitive and satisfying." —Rosemary Aubert, author of the Ellis Portal mystery series
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