New Release: The Bridgeman by Catherine Astolfo

Catherine Astolfo's beloved mystery series gets a fresh new look--one that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Complete with a stunning new cover, this second edition comes to you in the form of an ebook edition. If you haven't read The Bridgeman, book 1 in the Emily Taylor Mystery series, you're in for a real treat.

Some secrets can come back to haunt you…

Principal Emily Taylor feels safe in the friendly little town of Burchill—until she finds a body in her school. The murder of caretaker Nathaniel Ryeburn brings back memories she'd rather forget and plunges Emily into a mystery that involves a secret diary, an illegal puppy mill and a murderer innocently disguised as an ordinary citizen.

As fear rips through the traumatized town, Emily's investigation inadvertently leads the police to her door, and to her husband Langford, who is hiding a secret of his own. It becomes clear to Emily that many of Burchill's residents are merely wearing masks. And it's time for those masks to be ripped away…and for a killer's identity to be revealed.

Available now in ebook edition via Amazon and Smashwords.

Check out the reviews:

"Love and depravity, rebirth and rot, veneer and the real wood underneath—Astolfo brings these opposing forces into play as she creates the complex community that is Burchill. Ordinary people find themselves in an extraordinary situation. Astolfo reveals their personalities in delicious detail." —Garry Ryan, author of the Detective Lane Mysteries

"Master storyteller Cathy Astolfo pulls out all the stops as old secrets come back to kill…in this chilling story of twisted desires. Astolfo grabs small-town Ontario and shakes it until its ugly secrets pour out. You won't catch your breath until the last page turns." —Lou Allin, author of She Felt No Pain

"Catherine Astolfo's descriptive prose and well-crafted characters soon make you feel part of the community of Burchill, sharing Emily's terror at what is happening in her perfect little town. It's a story rich in detail with unexpected twists and turns that keep you involved right through to the shocking end." —Meredith Henderson, actress, film producer, poet

"Astolfo throws opens the door of her idyllic setting into a world of darkness, depravity, and danger...After reading The Bridgeman, you’ll want to go home, lock the doors, and hug your pet." —Anthony Bidulka, author of the Russell Quant Mystery Series

Available now in ebook edition via Amazon and Smashwords.