A Lily Evans Mystery - Book 2

When the dead need to speak, she must listen…

Artist and Egyptologist Lily Evans struggles with her newly discovered psychic talents, while trying to get her life back to normal now that her mother is in a mental institution and the man Lily loves is far away in England. But "normal" is the last thing she finds.

When her best friend Katy takes her to a Celtic Faire, Lily meets a druid fortune-teller, who warns her that she can “never escape the Other.” Frightened and angry, Lily ignores his dire warning and stumbles across an eerie old portrait of a beautiful woman, who has something to tell her.

With the help of the enigmatic druid and his gifted friends, Lily embarks on a dangerous journey to unravel the mysteries of the portrait, the tarot card reader, an ancient book and whispers of witchcraft. She must discover the truth behind them all…or risk losing her very soul.

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Book Details:

ISBN: 978-1-926997-82-7 (Kindle ebook); $3.99 US; October 12, 2012

ISBN: 978-1-926997-83-4 (Trade paperback); $13.99 US; October 20, 2012

Language: English

Editorial Reviews:

"A unique fantasy read, engaging and hard to put down." —Robert Kerr, bestselling author of Completely Restored

"BEWITCHING! A witch is betrayed. Hunted down for her power, she uses her final moments to cast a lasting spell. A flickering shadow embedded in a portrait holding the key, the Lily Evans saga continues in big way. Susan McLeod has again crafted a hauntingly beautiful tale that delivers all the mystery and mystique her fans have been expecting, and more! If you loved Soul and Shadow, you must read this!" —Wendy Potocki, author of Adduné: The Vampire’s Game

"The characters are interesting and I was kept wondering who would turn out to be the bad one…The book is short and fast-paced…An enjoyable read with a satisfying conclusion. Susan McLeod has done a fine job in reintroducing us to the heroine of her first novel, Soul and Shadow." —L.C. Evans, author of Talented Horsewoman

"Another haunting, lyrical story from Susan McLeod. Lily Evans continues on her path toward the truth, unlocking mysteries that will leave you breathless and spellbound. A must-read!" —Adriana Ryan, author of Her Heart’s Desire

"The plot of this fast moving novel is plausible and exciting, delving into the psychic, dark magic, and white magic. Lily Evans stays true to her own soul and power and the ending of the book brings more excitement and one cannot wait for the next Lily Evans novel. Susan Jane McLeod is a talent that gracefully paints the pictures from page to mind's eye with great ease and I recommend both Susan Jane's books heartily. Not only that, I cannot wait for the next Lily Evans Novel!!! A great read!" —Ellen George, author of Thirst

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