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This time, it’s not a job.

After proving his innocence as a murder suspect, taking down an
assassin, and being an instrumental part in solving a high profile murder,
Calvin Watters believes he can finally move on—until Ace Sanders’
prison escape catapults him into action.

This time, it’s personal!

Something has always bothered Detective Dale Dayton about the arrest
of Ace Sanders. Call it police intuition, but his inner ‘cop alarm’ keeps
twitching. When Dale reopens the case, he’s introduced to new evidence
that leads him into a political nightmare.

Who will play the Wild Card to survive?

While Calvin tracks Sanders across continents and into unknown,
unfriendly surroundings, Dale remains in Vegas to uncover the truth
behind police corruption, prison escapes, and hired assassins. But Calvin
and Dale must be vigilant, because there’s a deadly, new player in town.


Book Details:

ISBN: 978-1-77223-316-2 (Kindle ebook); $6.99 US; October 14, 2017

Language: English

Editorial Reviews:

“This one contains all the danger, treachery, and action a thriller reader could wish for. Luke Murphy has the touch.” —Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author of The Lost Order

“Wild Card by Luke Murphy is an engaging suspense read with escalating action and pace. Even lethal jungle creatures wield their brand of justice. Hold on for a wild ride that doesn’t end until the last page.”
—Jordan Dane, bestselling author of the Sweet Justice series “Murder, sex, hackers, leg-breakers, shady Russians, flawed heroes, and a ruthless killer in an elaborate criminal chess game: Luke Murphy delivers.” —Bryan Gruley, author of the Starvation Lake trilogy

“A wild ride! Exciting characters. An adventurous read. Loved it!”
—Jonas Saul, author of the Sarah Roberts Series

“Luke Murphy's Wild Card is a fast-paced, twisty international thriller laced with refreshing bouts of humor. Reformed debt-collector Calvin Watters and cop buddy Dale Dayton have clear-eyed courage when battling drug cartels and rogue snipers, even as they try to keep it together on the homefront. In a rapid-fire plot with bullets flying, Murphy's characters never lose their depth or likability. A highly addictive read.” —Nadine Doolittle, author of Iced Under “From the glitter and grunge of the Vegas strip to the steamy depths of the Amazon rainforest, Wild Card takes the reader on an unforgettable trip. From the first page, it grabs you like an anaconda and refuses to let go. Murphy is a relentless writer— and his latest offering, Wild Card, is like a raging river that can’t be tamed.”—Jeff Buick, author of Bloodline