2017 Titles:

LOOK THE OTHER WAY by Kristina Stanley (novel)

GOATBUSTERS by Robert W. Walker (Qwickie novella)

BRANDED TRILOGY by Kat Flannery (3-novel ebook bundle)

WILD CARD by Luke Murphy (novel)

THE DEAD OF NIGHT by Jean Rabe (novel)

DEEP END by Kathleen Duhamel (novel)

METATRON: BLACK SHADOW'S REVENGE by Laurence St. John (Ogopogo novel)

GHOST WRITER by Alison Bruce (novel)

A TOXIC CRAFT by Debra Purdy Kong (Qwickie novella)

GUN KISS by Khaled Talib (novel)

ANDI ANNA JONES: MARGARITAS, MAYHEM & MURDER by Mary Cunningham (Qwickie novella)

FRAMED by Wayne Kerr (novel)

TIED UP WITH STRINGS by Madeline McEwen (Qwickie novella)

YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE by Haris Orkin (novel)

UNSENT LETTERS by Daralyse Lyons (novel)

MEADOWLARKS by Thomas Holladay (novel)

NEVER RETREAT by Bonnie McCune (novel)

A HEALING ELEMENT by Donna Galanti (novel)

POPPY by Kat Flannery (Qwickie novella)

EAGLE E.Y.E. by Cheryl Kaye Tardif (Qwickie novella)

More TBA soon!