We are looking for firsthand personal stories of living with EDS (any type) for a proposed anthology that will be published next year. Stories must be in first person ("I...") and can be as detailed as needed, and must be between 2500-3000 words.

We will select the best stories for this anthology: FRAGILE BODIES, UNBREAKABLE SPIRITS ~ Living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

You may mention other medical issues, but the focus of this story should be your EDS, how it makes you feel, how it limits you physically and mentally, what you do to prevent injuries (splints, meds, etc), how it affects your family, etc.

This anthology will help bring EDS awareness to the world.


Open to anyone who has EDS (any type), anywhere in the world. NO ENTRY FEE.

Submissions must be sent to Cheryl Tardif at

Before sending the manuscript, please ensure it falls within the word count, includes your name (first or first and last--it's up to you!), country and age, and follows our Basic Formatting guide.

Pick one of the topics below:

1. The Road to Diagnosis - your personal account of how you were diagnosed and the symptoms that led to the diagnosis.

2. Living with EDS (any type) - your personal account

By submitting your story to this contest, you agree to allow Imajin Books to publish your story in the anthology, if selected as a winner. All winners will receive a free Kindle ebook copy of the anthology. The expected publication date is May 2019. At least 50% of all sales will go to EHLERS DANLOS SYNDROME CANADA at