Award-winning author and graduate of Northwestern University, ROBERT W. WALKER created his highly acclaimed, INSTINCT and EDGE Series between 1982 and 2005, extending it to present day via Kindle ebooks. A native of Chicago by way of Corinth, Mississippi, Rob has since written his award-winning historical series with HarperCollins. The City Series features Inspector Alastair Ransom and began with CITY FOR RANSOM (2006), SHADOWS IN THE WHITE CITY (2007), and CITY OF THE ABSENT (2008). 

This history-mystery hybrid straddles the Chicago World’s Fair circa 1893, and has had enthusiastic reviews from Chicago historians and the Chicago Tribune, which likened “the witticism to Mark Twain, the social consciousness to Dickens, and the ghoulish atmosphere to Poe!”   Rob’s most recent books have been CHILDREN of SALEM – Love Amid the Witch Trials, and TITANIC 2012 – Curse of RMS Titanic, a new ‘theory’ of why Captain Edward Smith sank the Titanic as Rob put a plague-spreading monster on board (concurrent stories of present day and historical suspense and horror). Rob followed up his Titanic title with BISMARCK 2013Hitler’s Curse. Rob now resides in Hurricane, WV with two cats, several children, and wife Miranda Phillips Walker, RN (also a crime writer: The Well Meaning Killer, Ghosts in the ER).