Her life was picture perfect…until she was framed for murder.

After surviving ten brutal years in prison for a murder she didn’t commit, former Toronto homicide detective Reggie Swann is released, thanks to her tenacious mother, a new forensic test and a clever lawyer. But she quickly discovers getting her old life back will be next to impossible. The Toronto Police Service doesn’t want her,Reggie’s husband has remarried, and the real killer is still out there. 

Clearing her name and finding the real murderer is Reggie’s number one priority. However, as a favor to the man who got her conviction overturned, she reluctantly agrees to help with a separate investigation in her hometown of Penticton, British Columbia. Wealthy socialite Amy Connelly is missing, after a very public argument with her husband. Blood is found in their kitchen and on the deck of their yacht. This leads to one obvious conclusion: Stan Connelly killed his wife and dumped her body in Lake Okanagan. Or did he? 

Is it possible Reggie’s two cases, which span a decade and five provinces, are related?