1. Send manuscripts SINGLE spaced only, as a MS Word doc or docx file.
2. Do not use tabs! Use settings under Paragraph formatting to indent paragraphs 0.3".
3. Normal style and Times New Roman font only, including title. 11 pt. for main body. Don't switch fonts.
4. Use italics where necessary and bold for title, author and chapter headings; no old school formatting with these please.
5. Use 1 line space for scene breaks. No asterisks or markers.
6. Do not add spaces after paragraphs.
7. Do not use heading styles, levels, tables, TOC, bookmarks, borders, strange symbols or uncommon formatting or punctuation. 
8. Use double "quotations" for dialogue.
9. No graphics. We do not normally publish books with illustrations.
10. No headers or footers.
11. No page numbers.
12. Margins set to .5" all around.
13. Page size set to 5" w by 8" h.
14. First page begins with book title on first line, 20 pt, bold, one line space then next line with author name, 14-16 pt, bold. No word count, author address or extraneous verbiage on first page. Just start your story; we'll get that info later if needed.

By submitting your story to this contest, you agree to allow Imajin Books to publish your story in the anthology, if selected as a winner. All winners will receive a free Kindle ebook copy of the anthology. The expected publication date is May 2019. At least 50% of all sales will go to EHLERS DANLOS SYNDROME CANADA at http://www.ehlers-danlossyndromecanada.org