Fashionation with Mystery #2

Who is the dead woman at the bottom of the stairs?

When Weather Network star Gina Monroe arrives in Black Currant Bay for her wedding shower, all is bliss. But happiness turns to horror when Gina and close friend Becki find the hostess with her head bashed in.

Strange things come to light when Gina and Becki are asked to sort through the dead woman’s belongings. Just who was this woman? And why did frumpy Louisa have a closet full of vintage couturier clothes?

As the investigation continues, the danger increases. Arson reveals the hiding place of a fabulous sapphire necklace, which leads to more questions and ramps up the risk for Gina and Becki. A killer is determined to keep the identity of the dead woman a secret—even if it means killing again.

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Book Details: 

ISBN: 978-1-77223-137-3 (Kindle ebook); $4.99 US; October 15, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-77223-141-0 (Trade paperback); $14.99 US; October 15, 2015

Language: English

Editorial Reviews:

“5 Stars for A Killer Necklace. After having so enjoyed Gina, Becki and Tony in A Purse to Die For, A Killer Necklace does not disappoint. The story races along, unfolding around truly believable, and lovable, characters. The final chapters are hard to put down as the pace picks up, moving steadily and convincingly towards the climax. Now my only question is: ‘What's next and when will they be back?’” —Lorna Gray, author of Finding Daylight

“Once again Cynthia and Melodie have seamlessly combined their words and talent to create another fun adventure for Gina and her friend Becki. A wonderful cast of characters to keep you enthralled every step of the way.” —Nanci M. Pattenden, author of Body in the Harbour: A Detective Hodgins Victorian Mystery

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